we believe it’s the little details that make any occasion truly memorable. each gift created by our team is handcrafted with utmost attention & care. our unique strength likes in our sense of aesthetic & our niche lies in our ability to seamlessly integrate traditional indian elements with a contemporary style, making our hand-crafted gifts personalized & standing out from the rest.


You initiate the discussions, by connecting with our team via Whatsapp/ Phone Call or by filling up the Contact Form.  This first round of consultation gives our team an opportunity to walk you through some of our unique collection of Wedding Gifts & to help you visualize what we do. The process also help us better understand “your vision” for your wedding Gifts. You will have your queries answered during the call & by the end of it we will confirm the best design direction for your Gifts.


Post our initial consultation call, after clearly understanding your specific requirements thoroughly we get ready to start working on your customized prototype. An advance of Rs 20,000/- is required to move forward. Should you choose to work with us on the gifting, then this amount is adjusted / credited against the final invoice.


Once you make the advance payment, we set the ball rolling & get started on creating your personalized gift. This is a sample of the final gift and once ready, our Design Team will take you through the same & also discuss other related issues. This is a collaborative creative process and your suggestions are always welcomed. Any further changes suggested by you get integrated as we fine tune the gift to meet your specific requirements.


Post the above stage, once we have finalized the design, we are then in a position to determine the final estimate (depending on the number of units) & communicate the same to you. Once approved 75% advance is required to be paid & work is initiated.


Each Client is special for us, and we do not like to rush into any of our projects. We take the time out to work closely with our Clients, understand their unique & specific requirements, tastes, style preferences, budgets & then our team gets to work. We prefer initiating work well in advance, so that ideally you have your gifts ready well in advance of the wedding date, and you have one less item on your check list to worry about. This also helps us with planning for any unexpected contingencies & delays. So, please start planning well in advance. Most of our Clients plan 6-9 months in advance.


Our Team is dedicated to perfection, meticulously attending to every detail of your wedding gift. We conduct rigorous quality checks throughout the production process, guaranteeing that the gifts are a true reflection of your vision. Rest assured, what you see during creation is precisely what your guests will receive.

We do ship worldwide, via our leading courier partners, and all shipping costs are on actuals. Alternatively, our Clients also have the flexibility to have the gifts picked up from our warehouse.

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